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  • Biscoff cookies
  • Burger and a glass of beer

Gabutto Burger

About us

We will provide a combination of excellent food with modern classic atmosphere to all of our customers. We have unique patties, sauces, and flavors to match our innovative environment and diverse food selection.

3 reasons to Gabutto!

Reason 1: Unique Patty!
A special blend of ground beef and ground pork. By adding pork we have achieved a juicier meat patty than traditional all beef patties. Finally, we add breading for an even more unique experience. Each of our patties is a 1/3 pound for a fully satisfying experience. 100% beef patties are also available!

Reason 2 : Original Sauce!
Our sauces are made with original and secret recipes, carefully prepared to perfection. Our addictive "Demi-glace Sauce" and Japanese-style "Teriyaki Sauce" is prepared slowly over a small flame until that brings out UMAMI flavor.

Reason 3 : Home-made Buns!
Our buns are made to order by a bakery, baked fresh for the perfect match between our special meat and tofu patties.